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VigRX Review: Does it work?

We have received dozens of requests to review VigRX. Alright guys here it is. VigRX is a widely known male enhancement supplement because well they spend a lot of marketing campaigns. VigRX is available in many online stores and there are lots of reviews about them, which is why we like to take the guessing game out of your research and provide you with an honest review about this brand.  This supplement claims to solve problems such as low sexual desire, and help you get and maintain an erection.

Is VigRX Effective?

VigRX like many other supplements out there makes big claims or at least a lot of their affiliates do. After our extensive research we found out that some of the additives in this supplement might lessen the effect of those good ingredients in VigRX Plus.  Damiana Extract Epimedium, Ginseng, and Saw Palmetto are some of the effective ingredients in this supplement. Another concern with this supplement is the fact that there are low dosages of each ingredients, which means you will need to take more and more of these pills for it to be effective. It also brings us to the next point which is the cost. At first you might try a pack ($76) but after 6 months the cost will add up and there are far more effective and affordable supplements out there. VigRX claims to work on different levels so the exact effects are difficult to monitor. By boosting testosterone, the sex drive is said to be restored to men over a certain age. It is rather unclear how these ingredients will do all of that when there are no studies about these benefits.

They recently came up with a more effective formula which contains BioPerine (Black Pepper Extract) which helps with absorption. We were unable to confirm any positive difference from the new formula.

Honest Reviews & Feedback

It is tough to find honest reviews about a product. Many brands have paid promotion campaigns and celebrity endorsements and it is tough to spot the fake from the real products. Another thing we like about this brand is that they don’t try to hide behind paid celebrity endorsements. That’s why they have a lot of mixed reviews. Some users claim that the product worked for them and at the same time many claim the product didn’t do anything for them. One thing for sure, we haven’t found anyone reporting serious side effects by using this brand. It’s because they use an all-natural formula with lower dosage. One thing we don’t like about this brand is that many of their affiliate stores often only show the good reviews.

Side Effects

We haven’t found any reported side effects from using this brand. There are some minor cases of headache and nausea which cannot be confirmed if it’s really from using this supplement. As always we suggest you consult with your doctor if you experience any side effects from using this formula. Many supplements don’t work for everyone and might have different results for different people.

Conclusion – Is VigRX Right For Me?

VigRX Plus is an all natural formula with hopes to help you with your sexual health, with big promises such as boosting your sex drive, energy and mood. We like the fact that use an all natural formula which would generally be considered safe to try. Many users have reported to see great results but at the same time many others didn’t see any results at all. It is important to note, when you buy any supplements to look for their return policy and only buy products that offer at least 90 days return policy. This way you can be sure to be able to use the product long enough to see positive effects and in case it didn’t work you can return it and get your money back.