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The Benefits Of Yoga For Men

Yoga is an ancient tradition that been practiced for many years in Eastern cultures. It has gradually made its way over to the Western world where millions of people reap its many benefits for emotional, physical, and mental health.

It is a well-established fact that yoga has many benefits for both men and women and of all ages as is boosts immunity, reduces stress, and promotes overall wellbeing. Men are also able to benefit from yoga in many ways.

Below are the main ways in which yoga can benefit men.

Improved Immunity

Regular yoga helps to strengthen the immune system, largely by helping the body to remove harmful toxins. There are certain poses that are better for the immune system, but in general, yoga can have a huge positive effect on the lymphatic system in particular.

Increased Muscle Definition

Yoga improves core strength and muscle definition in ways that other exercises don’t; this is particularly the case for men. Furthermore, yoga can give muscles more tone and definition than other exercises since yoga works all parts of the body, rather than one specific area. When this is combined with the other benefits of yoga, it is easy to see why so many men practice this form of mind-body exercise.

Can Help Control Food Cravings

Cravings can be an issue for many people, including men. They can be the root cause of failed weight loss attempts and equally hard to control. Yoga can contribute to a stronger connection between mind and body, which can help control cravings. This is particularly beneficial for those men who find themselves sitting at a desk for most of the day.

Increases Productivity

We all struggle at work from time to time and find it hard to be motivated and productive. Research has shown that regular short bursts of yoga every week can have a positive impact on working memory and the ability to recall information. Moreover, those who engage in regular yoga and been found to be more confident, efficient and are able to make better decisions in the workplace.

Better Digestion

Yoga is much better than many over the counter remedies for digestive problems. Many of the key poses in yoga twist and turn the insides, which encourages digestion. This means you are more likely to digest food better and easier, so experience less discomfort. Ultimately, this results increased energy, which is only ever a good thing.

Stress Relief

Everyone in the world experiences excessive stress from time to time and can engage in unhealthy ways to manage this stress. Yoga is one of the best ways to not only manage stress levels, but also to relieve and reduce the amount of stress. Yoga has been shown to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps reduce the ‘fight or flight’ response. Ultimately, this can have many health benefits, including reducing thyroid disease, lowering blood pressure, and inflammation.

Protects Your Bones, Joints And Cartilage

Yoga uses a wide range of poses and muscles, causing joints to use their full ability. By engaging the whole joint in such a way, you are reducing the changes of degenerative wear and tear injuries that can occur in later life, particularly cartilage, which if unused begins to disappear. This leaves the bone exposed and causes damage over time.

Bones are also protected from conditions such as osteoporosis as yoga engages and strengthens the bones.

Yoga can be easily incorporated into a regular fitness routine, so get started today!