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What Is Testosterone And Its Role In A Man’s Body

Testosterone is a hormone found in much greater amounts than exists in women. It is made primarily by the testicles and results in the function of many male activities, including: Chest hair and body hair Male libido Erections Sperm production […]

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is considered the major male hormone although it is produced in small quantities in women as well. Testosterone is made in men by the testicles and is necessary for the development of the primary and secondary male sexual characteristics. […]

Male Menopause Is Not A Myth

Male menopause is also called “andropause”; it is a part of the aging process in men and it is not a myth. Men experience andropause in more subtle ways when compared to women; however, there are changes in the sex […]

The Benefits Of Yoga For Men

Yoga is an ancient tradition that been practiced for many years in Eastern cultures. It has gradually made its way over to the Western world where millions of people reap its many benefits for emotional, physical, and mental health. It […]

Low Testosterone In Men 101

Testosterone is a male hormone that is actually found in low amounts in women as well. Testosterone plays a key role in various processes in the male body, including sex drive. It is produced mainly by the testicles with a […]

How Men Can Lower Their Blood Pressure

The problem of high blood pressure in men is a common one and can even occur in men under the age of 35. There are many treatments for high blood pressure that work on men as well as on women […]